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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Piece of mind in the palm of your hand

Professional camera systems are part of a well-rounded security plan. Both at your home and your business, strategically-placed video surveillance will keep you and your most precious assets safe. In the unfortunate event of a security breach, surveillance will help identify the perpetrators and bring the incident to a satisfactory resolution. What’s more, surveillance cameras can play a useful role in revenue growth and workplace efficiencies!

When you’re away, there is no better assurance than knowing your home or business is secure. With professional surveillance systems in place, checking in on your buildings is as easy as opening an app on your phone. We can create a custom video surveillance plan that includes your home, business, and any other facility, all in one place.

Security for your home and business

Video coverage protects your business in more ways than you may realize. From the obvious safety benefits of deterring crime to unexpected conflict resolution in human resources, a few well-placed cameras will save you from a multitude of business headaches. Video surveillance will prevent theft, provide evidence of how your products or facility are being damaged, and thwart vandalism. Cameras can also be part of a proactive business solution. You can study videos to track customer patterns and use that information to increase sales. Additionally, analyzing footage can help identify inefficiencies in employee workflow. Lastly, video coverage is paramount in HIPAA compliance to keep a record of who enters your buildings, where they go, and when. 

When it comes to video surveillance for your home, statistics show that cameras make burglars think twice before a break-in, and the majority of convicted criminals surveyed said they were less likely to enter a property with a security system in place. In addition to increased safety, video surveillance in and around your home also helps you keep an eye on your kids and pets to give you peace of mind whether you’re simply in another room or a thousand miles away from home.

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A view of home from anywhere in the world

Our surveillance solutions come with convenient features that allow visibility of your properties no matter where you are in the world. User-friendly apps give you a live view of your facility on your mobile device or computer 24/7. If your surveillance system covers more than one location, we will integrate multiple sites into your app so you can view them all simultaneously. Additionally, the system documents events and sends text or email alerts based on your individual preferences

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Enegren has the experience and expertise to design, install and maintain a camera system that will fit your unique needs. Everything we offer is high-definition and can be viewed from your mobile device from anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a basic system for your home or an enterprise-level system for your business, Enegren can help secure your facilities with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system.

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