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Access Control

Access Control

Minimize risk with secured access to your most important assets

Access control is an essential component in the security of any business. Whether it’s limiting access to sensitive information or securing physical locations, our professional team has the experience to set you on the path to complete security.

Simply put, access control allows you to determine who has access to what and when. Users must first verify their identity with a key card, password, or other security credentials. Once authenticated, they are permitted access to authorized areas, physical or digital, predetermined by you. Access control prevents unauthorized users from reaching your most vulnerable touchpoints.

Secure Your Facility with Access Control

No matter your business, securing your facilities with locks and keys and a security system is the first step in protecting your physical assets. However, that protection gets more complicated if certain areas of the building are only accessible to specific employees. Gone are the days of traditional locks and keys. Our electronic access control solutions will revolutionize the way you protect your facility from the inside out. Granting access to specific rooms in different buildings has never been easier!

With electronic access control, you can sleep easy knowing your buildings and employees are protected. With the ability to limit access to your facilities anytime, anywhere, and emergency lockdown options, safety has never been better or more timely. Key cards, key fobs, or other secure credentials used to access physical locations means no more time-consuming rekeying of traditional locks if an employee loses a key. Additionally, with access control systems, you can disarm an alarm with a valid card read. What’s more, access points are equipped with historical data to view who went where and when. These features allow you to track traffic throughout your buildings at any given time, making it easy to generate reports for HIPAA compliance.

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Secure Your Data with Access Control

While physical assets must be protected, equally important is the security of sensitive information held by your business. Whether it’s digital paperwork in your human resources department or patients’ health records, limiting access to specific data points limits exposure to the risk of costly lawsuits. While complex, limiting access to the many pieces of digital information within your business is crucial to protect your company.

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When limiting access to digital information, we establish secure systems to authenticate and authorize users. Then each user is allowed access to specific information, based on the qualifications you provide. Access can be granted or revoked as necessary as employees change positions or leave the company. Securing data by access control prevents information from ending up in the wrong hands. We offer professional design, installation, and service for all of your access control needs. Whether you’re looking to secure a single building or multiple facilities in different locations, we have the experience and know-how to tailor a system specific to your unique requirements. Reduce your risk and increase safety with our dynamic access control solutions.

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