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IT Services for Dental Industry


Focus on your patients while we manage your IT needs.

Operational efficiency, reliable security, enhanced communication tools, and profitability are what you expect from the technology in your practice. Our experience in working with dental facilities has taught us what matters most to you and your patients, and we can guide your IT decisions as you grow.

When patients visit your office, what’s at the forefront of their minds is their dental service. They don’t want to question the security of the information they share or whether any of your systems will experience glitches during their visit. They expect their appointment to progress without issue. Any problems could force them to question you, your practice, and your ability to manage their needs appropriately. Ultimately, technology could be the catalyst for either growing your practice or losing existing patients.

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Your partner for the future, no matter your stage in business.

Running a dental practice requires compliance in all areas of your business. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines, costly lawsuits, and significant blows to your professional reputation. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, all dental practices must protect patient privacy. All associates in the dental industry are required to adhere to HIPAA laws, which include a critical assessment of all IT systems as well as processes relating to digital records. Additionally, because you will likely be processing patients’ credit cards, you must be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. 

At Enegren, we are well-versed in both HIPAA Compliance and PCI Compliance to keep your business in line with all industry standards. We protect patient data with a sophisticated combination of antivirus and anti-malware software, encryption, firewalls, and employee security tr

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What you’re looking for in an IT provider.

Many dental start-ups launch without an in-house IT department. Instead, the staff attempts to share the IT-related duties, which takes away from what they do best. This arrangement is not ideal, and it becomes increasingly difficult for employees without IT expertise to keep up with industry advancements while also managing their many daily tasks. The more you grow, the more burden will be placed on your small team. We offer packages to support your many IT needs so your team can focus on their most important roles in your practice.

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You might be in the early stages of starting your new practice and unsure what IT support you may need. The benefits of Managed IT Services for dental treatment providers are all-encompassing. For starters, managed services save you office space and money in the way of salaries and benefits for a fully-staffed department of employees. Additionally, by partnering with Enegren, we have your future in mind, so we will help you scale as you grow, including more storage for all of the new patient data you will gain as your practice thrives!

Whether you’re looking to supplement areas of your existing in-house team or need an involved partner for the long term, Enegren can help you grow your practice and keep your worries on what matters mostyour patients.

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