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Thirty years ago, personal home computers were considered luxury items and only the largest corporations had the conveniences of technology.  Today, technology is no longer a luxury.  It is a necessity of every business – small or large – and runs the world.
In an ever-changing landscape of business technology, one thing hasn’t changed in thirty years – the Enegren commitment to providing systems, solutions, and assistance in making your business flourish.  Whether you own a personal home-based business or a run a large corporation, we offer the experience and support for the technologies that will enhance your company’s bottom line with cost-effective phones, loss-preventative security, and productivity-enabling computers and networks. 

Managed IT

Enegren partners with you in providing quality, knowledgeable IT staff equipped to take your custom IT needs.  Experienced and seasoned network engineers and technicians are available to you in maintaining a robust infrastructure to boosting team productivity.   


Workplace security goes beyond loss-prevention and ensuring a safe environment. It includes all the systems that give you peace of mind as an employer and as an employee – access control, camera and video surveillance, fire alarms backed by security monitoring to your personal devices and first responders.


For your single-site and multi-site operations, Enegren implements both on-premise and cloud-based telephone systems and service to keep you connected with your clients and vendors.

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