Computer & Network Support

Enegren supports all types of PCs and Apple Computers and offers comprehensive solutions for all network needs.

PC and Apple Support

Computer Troubleshooting and Repair

Enegren has many years experience with computer troubleshooting when a problem arises and repairing the problem.

Apple Computer Support

Enegren now supports iMacs, MacBook (Air and Pro), Mac Pros, and Mac Mini’s. Whether you are having a grey screen problem, need assistance in upgrading, or need to integrate an Apple product into a Windows environment, we can help!

Assess and Design

Enegren designs an IT and Network architecture that serves your needs not only today, but also as your business grows. Additionally, Enegren ensures that your IT solutions mirror your company’s business goals and objectives

Network Management

Enegren’s products and services are designed to take the guesswork out of Network Management. Our comprehensive LAN/WAN management tools gather and track performance through the network and provide fast fault isolation and resolution.

Local Backup and Recovery

Information is often the currency of your business. Enegren ensures that your information is secure and reliable by completing daily backups of your network resources. If anything ever goes wrong, Enegren can get everything back the way it was in a short period of time. (For Cloud backup see our Hosting Services.)


Enegren provides virtualized server solutions that drive cost savings, simplify IT management, and enhance security and business continuity.

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